Collection: Flat Earth Mugs

Step into the world of intriguing conversations and thought-provoking debates with our "Flat Earth Mug Collection." Each 11 oz. mug is a unique blend of form, function, and a flat-out challenge to the conventional worldview.

Adorned with the Gleason Flat Earth Map, this white, durable ceramic mug is perfect for stirring up more than just your morning coffee or evening hot chocolate. It's your everyday companion for sparking engaging discussions about the shape of our planet.

Our mugs boast rounded corners for a comfortable grip and a sturdy C-handle and are lead and BPA-free, ensuring safe sips with every use. And thanks to the high-quality sublimation printing, this could be an ideal gift for hot beverage lovers and those curious about Earth's true form. Explore the Flat Earth Mug Collection today - it's the conversation starter your kitchen didn't know it needed!